Dave Chappelle

This site is waiting for you. I know you're not a newsperson, but I think you'd be great to tell the world about the real changes going on in our culture and on our planet.

The Revolution is not being televised

Gil Scott-Heron knew what he was talking about when he busted out his fabulous track, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

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Help us end corporate control


"TechCorp" - Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and the rest - they care nothing for us or our dear planet. World 5.0 provides the antidote.

World 5.0

The time is always now.

the answer is always love.


You can download the book for free, no login or email bullshit required. Just click to get on the page and hit the download button. Congratulations. You're now part of the Revolution.

Fear or love

being here now, it's the most important choice we make


The totality of now is clear to we Fivers, yet it's a foreign idea to all those lost in the old culture. Life exists only Now, so how your playing this moment has everything to do with your experience of said Life.

going within

the places i love


We can find no hope for peace in the distractions of the old culture. Our answers all lie within, where we must clear the blocks and debris of a 1,000 years of subjugation and abuse by our elitist rulers.

about me

I'm Jim Prues, founder of World 5.0 - our new o/s that understands we are all here together in Life, and that nothing else exists outside of this moment.


I am not the woman in the pic on the right. I'm an elder approaching 70 years on this Earth. I've seen incredible changes over my life, none more substantial than the new digital world, augmenting and replacing our analog world.

I call out Dave Chappelle because of the happenstance where I ended up with footage of his father's last year of life and wake, where Dave and others spoke of this remarkable man. No wonder Dave is who he is.


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