Revolution Chronicles is a web space dedicated to truth and true stories in those areas of our lives that are most critical to our future. We know of the many and various attacks on truth that we’ve been assaulted by for long years. These days, with the corruption and corrosion of right wing ideology and corporatist interests, the situation is nearly intolerable.

Look to Revolution Chronicles to discuss world events in the context of finding our human freedom, and our human awakening. These are no ordinary times, and what we are about is not only our survival as a species, but an awakening to who we truly are, and the vast potential to create Heaven on Earth. Indeed, this is our calling.

We can be trusted for several reasons. Jim Prues started this effort, and his credentials as an peacenik and activist are impeccable. His passion for a better world with happier, healthier peeps is profound. His founding of World 5.0, the Home of Truth, further substantiates that this site is worthy of your trust. Indeed, trust is a critical component of World 5.0.